GPS Mobile phone tracker


1. GSM Quad-band GPS Mobile phone tracker
2. 1.7 inch B/W TFT Screen display
3. Supports 3 relative contacts and 6 fast-dial phones numbers.
4. Supports S0S Emergency calling.
5. Smart keyboard locker makes it easy to lock/unlock
6. Automatic time clock;
7. Flash light
8. FM radio.
9. GPS Location and tracking to secure old people outside activities
10. Long standby time (7days)
11. Super loud speaker with stereo
12. Location by SMS and internet.

Hardware Specification

GSM Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
Battery: 3.7V DC, 1400mAh
Max communication time: 4 hours
Accuracy of GPS Location:
300 meters (LBS) 5-10 meters (GPS)
Antenna: Built-in Quad band GSM antenna and High-gain GPS Antenna Side-button: Volume (+/-) Keypad (ON/OFF) Flash torch (ON/OFF) FM(ON/OFF)
FM Radio: Built-in Antenna, support non-earphone play
Phone size: 115 mm(Long) * 51mm(Wide) * 16.5mm (High)


Personal Trackers

Track people, track property and animals with your GSM phone anywhere in Nigeria. Also with our GSM trackers, you can identify your loved ones absolute location anywhere in Nigeria. Our SOS tracking service ensures that your children and the elderly do not go missing easily.


Track Business

Call or send an email to to include your business location as a point of Interest on our navigational device and map directory so that clients can have better access to your business location.